Chapter 1

Insight: The attached gingiva is continuous with the marginal gingiva. It is firm, resilient, and tightly bound to the underlying periosteum of alveolar bone. A healthy and wide band of attached gingiva can be protective to the neck of teeth and dental implants is important esthetically in the anterior region. Recent advances in soft tissue grafting procedures has allowed more predictable restoration of this important tissue.

Clinical Consideration: The width of the attached gingiva changes during the mixed dentition. As Clinicians we measure the width of the attached gingiva to gauge changes that can occur due to disease/trauma. These changes can lead to the diagnosis of mucogingival defects and to the treatment planning for correction of mucogingival defects. The use of subepithelial connective tissue grafts and allografts have expanded the armamentarium available to clinicians to treat these disorders. Understanding the cause and type of deformities leads to specific types of grafting procedures that improves the predictability of the treatments.

See Chapters 1 and 63 for details