Carranza’s Clinical Periodontology Twelfth Edition-Chapter 81

Caption: Figure 81-1: Global setup for surgical navigation. The basic setup for a navigation system consists of stereovision cameras with several tools. The contra-angle probe, the ultrasound probe and the patient jig need to have markers, which are tracked by the cameras. The occlusal stent, with markers in the standard process and without markers in ultrasound registration, used during computed tomography scan acquisition will be recognized in its three dimensions for prosthetic planning.

Insight: The goal of Computer Assisted Implant Surgery (CAIS) is to improve predictability of implant placement so that the best clinical outcomes can be achieved. The “need” for using these systems varies among clinicians and the clinical situation. Its important to know that development of these kinds of systems continues at many levels with the major objectives being; improved accuracy, ease of use and cost effectiveness. Technologic advances are constantly being integrated into procedures associated with CAIS. Chapter 81 describes the details of how some types of systems work.

Carranza’s Clinical Periodontology, 12th Ed
Chapter 81
Technologic Advances in Implant Surgery
Computer-Assisted Implant Surgery
Daniel H. Etienne, Raymond R. Derycke, and Perry R. Klokkevold